Stella Dolls . . . . . . intriguing, right? Well, you’ll find it as adorable as it’s intriguing, a contemporary online fashion paradise for women, which features everything for everyone, from pert teens to ravishing damsels and sensuous dames.

Who We Are?

We are a young, ambitious, loving and longing couple, Stella and Emil, and Stella Dolls is an accomplishment that tells you how powerful, wonderful and delightful true love can be. It is not just an online women apparel store, it’s a beautiful manifestation of our love and bonding, focused on making lives of other young girls and women as beautiful, joyous, colorful and gleeful as ours.

How it All Began?

It goes back to an enlightening moment in Stella’s life in 2014 when it dawned to her that she wasn’t meant to live her life behind a desk confined within the walls of a cubicle. So, she decided to turn her love for fashion into a fabulous career for herself and a blessing for other women, vowed wholeheartedly to turn every single of them into super-girl and super-woman.

Our Presence

Stella is already on her way to turn her passion and dream into a true global entity and brand, with headquarters and customer support based in Europe, 2 warehouses in US and also in China and catering the markets of US, Canada and all European countries.

What’s On the Offer?

Now when you intend to make all females happy, from playful teens to their elegant moms, you better come up loaded with everything you can, which is what makes StellaDolls.com so unique and special. There’s a whole range of women apparel at offer from chic casual to formal gowns, showcasing the best in style, quality as well as price.

We believe it’s all about making most of the moment you have, and you’ll find us truly at your disposal while you strive to do so.